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The Becoming Journal: For Fresh Starts and New Beginnings!

The Becoming Journal: For Fresh Starts and New Beginnings!

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Sometimes there’s nothing like a pencil and paper to help us sort things out. Like when we need to get something off our chest, but there’s no one to talk to.

Or when we want to think through the pluses and minuses of a big life decision.

Or when someone inspires us, and we don’t want to forget why.

Or when a wild idea hits us, and we’ve got to capture it before it vanishes into the gazillion things we’ve got to do in the next hour.

Sometimes we just need space for aimless free writing that ends up not being so aimless after all.

So I was thinking: we could really use a journal, one where we could see and savor our drifting daydreams and random thoughts, one with space to explore our hopes, weigh life-changing decisions, and even vent a little.

A place where we could celebrate—and learn from—our best moments.

And, maybe most important, a place where we could see ourselves growing more awesome every day. This is The Becoming Journal.

I designed The Becoming Journal to be easy to use and take anywhere. There’s plenty of room for musings, brainstorms, and even some healthy venting. I also created pages like One Day..., Right Now..., and What If... to spark fresh ideas and new dreams for ourselves.

And because it’s tough to feel excited about the future when we’re tired or run down, I hope you like Smart Moves, some of my best tips for staying healthy and energized through our awesome lives.

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