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Blue Skies Ahead

Blue Skies Ahead

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Blue Skies Ahead: Be happier at work!

Remember being a kid? Running, jumping, yelling, flying down the sidewalk on
a bike? Freedom! The world was ours. It felt like everything was ahead of us and
there was nothing we couldn’t create, achieve, fix, or invent.

It was all out there, just waiting for us.

What if we could feel this way about work today — maybe even better?
And what if achieving this — actually being happy at work — wasn’t just within
reach, it was also easier than the alternative: seeing work as a drudge that we
resign ourselves to because, well, we have to pay the bills?

Right now, this may sound impossible. Or maybe like just a lot of happy talk. But
it’s real: a certain kind of thinking can create seismic shifts in our feelings about
work and the quality of our lives.

Learn how in Blue Skies Ahead next in the series of Diana Davin's Blossie@work! books.

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